Our Mission

Delivering excellence in aged care services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our residents and clients.

Our Vision

Boneham … caring for people… valuing people… a provider of choice.

Our Values

The values of Boneham provide the Board, management, staff and volunteers with a touchstone against which individual, team and organisational behaviours can be aligned and measured.

  • Partners in care
    We actively encourage families, friends and the community to be our partners in care
  • Honour, diversity and dignity
    We honour all people, value diversity and uphold their dignity
  • Concern and commitment
    We share a deep concern for others and a commitment to make a positive difference
  • Open and honest communication
    We communicate openly and honestly and seek engagement
  • Integrity, empathy and compassion
    We value our staff and volunteers, who through their integrity, empathy and compassion contribute to enhancing the quality of life of our residents and clients